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Course Overview

  • Course Duration:
    1 month / 11 lessons
  • Modern Learning Materials:
    Interactive exercises, Pronunciation practice, Accent correction and more
  • Working Languages:
    Russian - English
  • Requirements:
    No previous knowledge required, Internet connection, Google Chrome web browser

Learn Russian Alphabet

Learn to read Russian Alphabet the right way, using modern language learning techniques. If you feel that Russian’s Cyrillic alphabet is probably too hard for you, then this is the course for you. You're about to discover just how easy Russian can be to read when taught the right way!

Learn to read and pronounce correctly Russian Alphabet. This will help you to build the necessary foundation for learn the Russian language.
With our easy scheme you will learn effortlessly, in a fun, efficient way.
The course of Russian Alphabet contains exercises which will help you learn to hear, to read and to understand Russian words. Each lesson contains new vocabulary and interactive tests to consolidate the material. One can also learn to write in the course of this 11 lessons.
This course of Russian for beginners, is recommended for anyone trying to learn the Russian language.
After completing the course you will master the basic skills of reading, speaking and writing, and will acquire a large vocabulary.

75,00 €
49,95 €
/per month

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