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Magic Russian Words

Author's course of the Pushkin Institute. In this course you will learn how best to ask for something, how to address a stranger, how to use the different forms of Russian name, and much more.

A 1 - A 2

Lesson 1. How to say: "Hello!" or "Hi!"? in Russian

Lesson 2. How to say: "Goodbye!" or "Bye!"? in Russian

Lesson 3. How to say: "ВЫ" or "ТЫ"? (in developing)

Lesson 4. How to say in Russian: "Mr", "Friend" or simply "Sorry"? when you address a stranger. (in developing)

Lesson 5. How Russian names work? (in developing)

Lesson 6. How to say "Thank you" or "Thanks"? (in developing)

Lesson 7. How to say "I'm sorry" or "Sorry" in Russian? (in developing)

Lesson 8. How to say in Russian: "Do me a favor ...", "Please ..." or "Could you ..."? (in developing)

B 2 - C 1

Lesson 1a. Forms of Greeting in Russian

Lesson 1b. What Russians usually say after greetings

Lesson 2. The different forms to say "Goodbye" in Russian. (in developing)

Lesson 3. Use of personal pronouns "ты" и "Вы". (in developing)

Lesson 4. Ways to address someone in Russian. (in developing)

Lesson 5. "Katerina, Katya, Katenka, Katyusha ..." Different forms of the same Russian name. (in developing)

Lesson 6. Forms of expression of gratitude. (in developing)

Lesson 7. Ways to express an apology. (in developing)

Lesson 8. Forms of expressing a request. (in developing)

There are no materials for pronunciation training.

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